Channeled HeART

As an intuitive artist I am able to feel energy and see color in my minds eye which I use in creating artwork. Channeled HeART is me using these gifts to create magic specific for you! These watercolor paintings are created with your energy and the intention of providing connection for you! Consider these a visual message to your heART. It’s an honor to be the conduit and deliver such heartfelt artwork. I look forward  to connecting with you!
See more examples of these in the Gallery

9×12 watercolor channeled art $111

add a Sigil and save on both! Schedule and pay using scheduler tab

Intuitive Sigil

Sigils are a manifesting tool or personal logos. Just as we are programmed with logos we see everyday that place thoughts when we see them, sigils can do the same. This symbol can be carried with you or placed where you will see it often. When you see this symbol, allow the feelings of having your desire flood over you. Know that you ARE worthy of your desire! We are powerful creators and these are straight magic! It would be an honor to create one for you!

Sigil Options

*4×6 Color print-framed $66

*3×4 white canvas with black paint $66

Larger, full color versions available. Email with inquiries.

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Intuitive Acrylic Paintings

Have an idea for some energy filled art you’d like in your space or a gift idea for someone special? Let’s talk about your vision. Schedule a free consultation or email me your inquiry.

Prices start at:

*8×10 start at $155

*11×14 start at $222

*16×20 start at $275

*20×24 start at $350

*24×36 start at $500

Prices plus shipping. Larger sizes are possible. Please email your inquiries!  Final payment is due upon artwork completion. See examples in the Gallery.


Have a picture of someone special you want captured in a high quality realistic portrait? Portraits are typically head/shoulder images although a full image picture is an option.  Photo approval is required. Prices are for 1 subject. Additional subjects can be added for a fee. Email inquiries.
See examples in the Gallery

11×14 start at $450

16×20 start at $800

Pet Portraits

Get your beloved pet created on canvas in acrylic paint. With approved photo. 
Portraits are done on a 11×14 gallery wrapped canvas.

Prices start at $300 plus shipping

Non-refundable deposit is required before artwork is started. Final payment is due upon artwork completion


Sketches are an affordable way to capture a moment forever in a piece of art.  They are created on 9×12 paper with approved photo

Start at $180

see examples in the Gallery

Digital Art

Digital art can be photo editing, simple logos, or digitally created art that can be put on canvas and more. This is a fun, affordable option for art! See examples in the Gallery. Email me with your inquiries.

Prices start at $40


Henna is a fun way to decorate your body in a non permanent way. I would love to intuitively adorn you with a beautiful design. Henna requires some time to stain the skin. It is recommended that the paste is left on for best results 6-8 hours. After the desired amount of time you may flake off the paste. Do not wash off. Avoid water in the first 24 hours. An orange tint will be revealed and will darken over the next 2-3 days and then slowly fade. Moisturizing with a natural oil (coconut) will help the stain last longer and a darker color will be achieved. Results vary.

I use Henna made fresh in California. Its ingredients include: Henna powder, lemon juice, sugar & two or more essential oils from Cajeput, Lavender, Niaouli, Eucalyptus, & Tea tree oil.

*Please advise if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

Kelley Partridge Intuitive Artist is not responsible for any negative/allergic reaction your body/skin has to Henna.

Prices start $35, by appointment only. In Billings and Laurel, Mt.

See examples in the Gallery.

Party setting is possible.

Please feel free to email me with inquiries!

NOW OFFERING Henna crowns to cancer patients on a donation basis!