My HeART Story

Kelley Partridge

Intuitive Artist

In 2013 I stopped in a local ceramic shop to paint a Christmas ornament and walked out with a new job of teaching the paint and sip style classes! Having never painted on canvas before I was NERVOUS but started painting *insert angels singing

I wasn’t very good but I loved the peace I felt while creating. As an incest survivor, I had many buried emotions. Painting created a pathway for healing. The constant mind chatter was silenced and I felt peace. Being able to express the uncomfortable emotions with paint was just the therapy I needed. Everything I create, even to this day, is an extension of that healing and I’m so grateful! It wasn’t long before I recognized in this peace there was something guiding me. The more I let go and was open, the more I felt this connection and the improved results of my artwork were undeniable. I experienced a shift. A shift that opened the doors to develop my spiritual gifts. My intuition is a main tool I use to create for myself and others. Being an Intuitive artist has been instrumental in my healing, helped me become the truest version of myself and shows the world something beautiful can come from dark places. 

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